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Urban led street lighting problems and management analysis

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Urban led street lighting problems and management analysis

With the increasing investment in public infrastructure and the nationwide glory project, the number of urban street lights has increased in both quantity and type, bringing unprecedented challenges to urban led street lighting management.

Urban street led lamp construction is an important part of urban infrastructure construction, but there are still many shortcomings in urban led street lighting management. For example, some road sections cannot be adjusted regularly with changes in the four seasons; some sections of led street lighting cannot be repaired or replaced in time. Some shortcomings in urban lighting management will inevitably lead to unnecessary waste, especially energy waste. Therefore, led street light managers should always pay attention to how to meet the actual needs, address the existing deficiencies in a targeted manner, strengthen the synergistic guarantee function of the application mechanism, organization mechanism and management mechanism of new technologies, and insist on improving the efficiency of street led lamps and reducing the later stage. Work hard on the burden of operation and maintenance and avoiding waste of resources.

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I. Problems in the maintenance and management of urban Led Street Light Heatsink

1.1 Re-construction, light maintenance, management problems

1.1.1 The problem of imperfect led street lighting management mechanism and unsound system still exists.

In some projects, the phenomenon of heavy construction, light maintenance and light management is still relatively common. In particular, due to the lack of maintenance and management work in the later stage, it is difficult for some projects to maintain the lighting rate and lighting effect for a long time before the acceptance check. The reason is that there is a lack of mechanism guarantee and management talents in the maintenance and management of facilities, which leads to the emergence of difficulties in the implementation of lighting facilities maintenance responsibility, the difficulty of finding specific responsible units, and the difficulty in mastering the maintenance technology of high-end Led Street Light Heatsink.

For example, in the work, the management responsibility unit is often divided according to the type of functional Driverless Led Street Light, thus creating a street lamp, road and bridge or other management responsibility subjects, which will naturally lead to multiple political decisions, unclear responsibilities, mutual excuse, etc. problem. The maintenance of street lamps in the same area may belong to different management units. What is more, the maintenance of street lamps in the same area is divided into multiple units such as street lamps and roads. Among these units, the drawbacks of management ambiguity, cross-responsibility, and slow implementation of street lighting maintenance work have occurred, and it is difficult to ensure the safety of surrounding residents at night.


1.1.2 Poor communication mechanism and lack of effective communication channels between departments

Under normal circumstances, urban Sword Series Led Street Light construction management units and urban street lamp management and maintenance units after project acceptance are often not the same unit, or even belong to the same department. Under such circumstances, it is difficult for the responsible party and the operation and maintenance responsible party to establish effective communication channels between departments, and it is difficult to establish a smooth communication mechanism, let alone realize the intercommunication and sharing of street lamp management information. In the current bidding system, the responsible party for urban streetlight construction often wins the bid by low-price bidding strategy. Under this circumstance, the construction responsible party sometimes sacrifices some engineering quality in the process of pursuing its own profits. For example, it will make compromises in street lamp energy saving and life expectancy; sometimes it is difficult to accurately grasp the economic and social benefits of the street lighting project. The balance point; sometimes even completely ignore the social benefits brought by the urban street lamp construction project, reduce the construction standards without authorization, and choose the street lamp products with outdated design and poor urban lighting effect.

From the perspective of the management unit responsible for operation and maintenance in the later period, individual units still have problems such as the inconsistency of the smd led Street Lights inspection work, the inconsistent standard maintenance of the street lamps, the unsound management mechanism and the low work efficiency. In addition, the sharp increase in the scale of urban street lighting construction and the relatively limited operation and maintenance capacity of the management unit also lead to the difficulty in stabilizing the urban street lighting performance, the maintenance and management of the later stage can not keep up, the lighting rate and lighting effects are difficult to maintain normal for a long time. An important reason for the level.


1.1.3 The problem of the lack of supervision mechanism for Street Led Lights operation and maintenance still exists

In some sections of the city, especially in small and medium-sized cities, Pc Cooler Led Street Light supervision still uses manual inspection as the main means. The backward supervision means that the supervision mechanism of New Led Street Light operation and maintenance is absent. For example, individual criminals have stolen Cob Led Street Light facilities in places where manual inspections are not regulated, resulting in low lighting rates and poor lighting effects in individual sections.

1.2 Re-image, light planning, quality hazards

At this stage, in view of the perfect representation of the city image, the brightness of the night scene lighting in some cities is too high, there is no reasonable argumentation process, and there is even a phenomenon that does not attach importance to scientific planning. Such phenomena are manifested in the following two aspects. On the one hand, too much emphasis on image. Individuals who do not need night lighting are very bright, but the location that is in urgent need of night lighting is very dim. On the other hand, lack of scientific planning. Urban lighting planning is unclear, unclear, and scattered. Under the extensive planning concept, the led street lighting planning of some sections does not consider the actual needs of alternating operation of midnight lights, all night lights, and separate lights. In addition, due to the over-emphasis on the image of the city's night scene, in the process of Street Led Lamp procurement, some departments tend to have good lighting effects and good street lights, which not only ignores the energy-saving factors of street lamps, but also ignores the problems of street lamp life and street lamp quality. .

1.3 Heavy brightness, light energy saving, light damage

At this stage, many cities in China have experienced the problem of heavy-duty, light-weight and energy-saving urban lighting, which is more prominent in the selection of lamps for led street lighting in the main city. For example, due to the overemphasis on lighting effects, new luminaires (for example, LED solar luminaires) have not been used as the main lighting device, resulting in the use of outdated, high-energy high-pressure sodium lamps in many areas, and those low-energy lamps are only used. On individual pilot sections. At the same time, excessive emphasis on the brightness of led street lighting may also cause light damage. For example, in China, the national standard for the average illuminance of urban trunk roads in the main urban area is 30 lx, that is to say, the brightness of the main road lighting should not exceed this value, and the average value of led street lighting in the main city should be no higher. This value is up to standard. However, it is reported that the average illumination of roads in some cities has reached 105 lx, which not only causes energy waste, but also causes urban light damage.

1.4 Heavy landscape, light function, waste problem

At present, led street lighting fixtures projects in some cities in China over-emphasize the landscape effect. The basic principle that lighting engineering projects should adhere to should be: to meet the aesthetics of the lighting function. However, in some urban lighting projects, there is often a phenomenon of inversion of the original, looking at the landscape effect of led street lighting fixtures, while ignoring the basic attributes of streetlights in terms of lighting brightness, energy consumption, and life. This phenomenon sometimes causes a certain amount of energy and resource waste, which should attract the attention of relevant departments.


Second, urban street led lamp management and maintenance optimization measures

2.1 Improve the maintenance mechanism and attach importance to team building

Unclear responsibilities and powers are often one of the key factors that make the maintenance of urban street led lamps difficult. Implementing responsibilities, strengthening communication, and measuring and decentralizing are effective ways to manage and maintain chaos. For example, the government takes the lead in clarifying the responsibility for street led lamp management and maintenance, and establishing a street led lamp maintenance mechanism, an inter-departmental communication mechanism, and a staff training mechanism. In addition, the relevant departments should attach importance to the establishment of a team of talents with special division of labor and professionalism, which is responsible for the maintenance of street led lamps, and must improve the quality of urban led street lamp maintenance.

2.2 Emphasis on rigid planning and emphasis on quality control

On the one hand, in the planning process, we must not only consider the project construction itself, but also fully consider how to carry out the post-operation and maintenance work. We must start the operation and maintenance work from the source of the planning and design of the project, and run through it all the time. For example, for a new project, at the beginning of the regional planning, the led street lighting management department in the area should be able to obtain relevant planning information in time and establish a newspaper construction file. During the construction of the new project, the relevant led street light management department should intervene in a timely manner, combine the report construction file, combine the project design plan to carry out quality tracking, and archive the relevant information. For example, for an expansion project, the plan must be based on the actual situation, not only to carefully investigate all the engineering-related actual conditions within the scope of the project, but also pay special attention to the survey of existing cables and pipelines. Therefore, rigid planning must be achieved, and incalculable losses cannot be caused by blind construction.

On the other hand, the quality of maintenance work is inseparable from the quality control level of the project. In particular, in the bidding stage, bidding documents should be written in strict accordance with the relevant technical regulations for the construction and management of led street lighting projects, and relevant technical indicators should be clarified. For example, in the construction phase of the project, the relevant departments responsible for led street lighting operation and maintenance management should be given the power to track and supervise the quality.

2.3 Realize intelligent control, pay attention to energy saving and environmental protection

When the funds permit, install GPS positioning system and security anti-theft system for led street light cables, led street light boxes and LED solar cells to reduce the inconvenience caused to people's travel and the loss of state property caused by man-made damage and theft. While saving energy, it can effectively curb theft. Every year, there are accidents such as the theft of street led lamps, the loss of street led lamp ballasts, and even the theft of led street light boxes, causing great property losses. Government departments should consider promoting large-scale energy-saving and environment-friendly lamps on a large scale, which not only can reduce the cost of urban lighting, achieve energy conservation, but also solve the problem of theft.

Focusing on the problem of light pollution, focus on prevention of light pollution caused by pollution of light sources and lighting fixtures. For example, formulate a reasonable maintenance management system, repair fault lights in a timely manner, regularly replace light sources with expired life and reduced luminous flux, and timely maintain power supply lines. Reasonable maintenance of light sources and lighting fixtures, increasing luminous flux, can not only solve the problem of energy waste, but also solve the drawbacks of light damage. By cleaning the lighting fixtures frequently and removing dust and dirt from the surface of the lamps, the average illumination can be greatly improved with a small amount of money, and good lighting effects can be achieved.


2.4 Update the control device, paying attention to practical value

At this stage, the “three remote” control device is a relatively advanced street led lamp control technology. With the help of such automatic control devices, relevant departments can seriously investigate the lighting needs of each road on the basis of ensuring the normal lighting efficiency. Combine the objective factors such as weather, seasons, and length of day and night, and turn on and off the relevant street lights in time, and adjust the brightness of the led street lights in real time.

In addition, the "three remote" control device can give full play to the practical value of street led lamps. This kind of control device can control the usage mode, frequency and duration of the two headlights, multi-headlights, double-row lights, and all-nightlights in real time. Especially in the middle of the night, the two headlights and the multi-headlights only retain one headlight illumination through automatic control. Only the single-row lighting is kept, and the "all night light" is turned into a "midnight light".


Third, the conclusion

In recent years, urban glory projects have been carried out nationwide. The changes in urban street led lamps are not only reflected in quantity and scale, but also in terms of types and quality. The ever-expanding scale of urban led street lights has brought unprecedented challenges to urban street lighting management. This paper believes that the following problems exist in the maintenance and management of urban street led lamps: First, heavy construction, light maintenance, and management problems; second, heavy image, light planning, quality hidden dangers; third, heavy brightness, light energy saving, light damage phenomenon; Heavy landscape, light function, there is a waste problem. In response to the above four problems, the optimization measures for urban street led lamp management and maintenance were proposed. The optimization measures mainly include: sound maintenance mechanism, emphasis on team building; emphasis on rigid planning, emphasis on quality control; realization of intelligent control, emphasis on energy conservation and environmental protection; update of control devices, emphasis on practical value.

At present, although the use of street led lamps in individual cities in China cannot achieve reasonable expectations, urban street led lamps have caused unnecessary waste, and quality problems and light damage problems have become prominent. However, as long as the management is strengthened, the existing drawbacks are solved in a targeted manner, and the synergistic guarantee function of the application mechanism, organizational mechanism and management mechanism of the new technology is strengthened, the above problems can be effectively solved.

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