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2620pcs solar led street lights illuminate the Poverty Alleviation Road

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2620pcs solar led street lights illuminate the Poverty Alleviation Road

Under the bright solar powered led street lights, the rhythm of the dance music sounded on the wide square. A group of villagers danced the dam dance – this is the scene of the village square of Nanyang Village, Nanquan Town, Shifang City on the evening of September 17.

Since last year, Nanquan Town has renewed its efforts to deepen the party building and promote poverty alleviation. It has installed 2,260pcs LED solar street lamps throughout the town, covering 11 villages. This Huimin project brings the production and life of the local masses, especially the poor. The benefits and convenience have helped Nanquan Town to fight poverty.

Love crowdfunding leads to "light"

"There was no street lamp or cement road in the past. I didn't even dare to go out at night, for fear of falling." Recalling the scene without street lights, the 75-year-old Luo Guangqiu old man from Nanyang Village, Nanquan Town was impressed.

Installing street lights and raising funds have become the first problem. After thinking twice, the leadership team of the party committee of Nanquan Town decided to adopt crowdfunding methods to seek project funds. For a time, local lovers, township Xiangxian, honorary village director, support unit, first secretary, local love enterprises, villagers, etc. have generously contributed to the Nanquan Town poverty alleviation road project.

"As a support unit, in the process of comprehensively promoting the process of poverty alleviation and strengthening the production and living conditions of the masses in Nanquan Town, we should provide assistance and support within our ability. This is also our duty and responsibility." Chief Financial Accountant of Shifang City Finance Bureau Qiu The military revealed that the Municipal Finance Bureau [extruded" 15,000 yuan from the agency's office funds to support the construction of the [lighting project" in Nanquan Town.

Through crowdfunding, the project has raised a total of more than 1.7 million yuan for the Beijing Grateful Public Welfare Foundation's [Lighting the Village Bright Wanjia" public welfare project, as well as the Shifang Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Hongda Group, party members and cadres, and loved ones. Beginning in October 2018, Nanquan Town installed a total of 2620pcs LED solar street lights in two batches, achieving [all-field illumination without dead ends".

"Light" according to the villagers home road

2620 new street lamps were successively [on the job" in 11 villages in Nanquan Town, lighting up the night in the village.

[With streetlights, it`s more convenient to travel, and it`s more practical to walk in the evening." Ye Shaoquan, a group of 16 villagers in Unity Village, Nanquan Town, said that the night was dark and black, and now the door is bright, and the road in front of the house is also bright.

The 83-year-old Huang Shimo old man in Nanyang Village also felt the convenience brought by the street lamp. There were two street lights less than 50 meters from his door. He would not worry about safety when he passed the bridge at night.

Luo Guangqiu is now "looking forward" after dark, to the dam dance under the streetlights of Xin'an in the small square of the village. "It`s just that when I go home, I don`t worry about it."

"Luo Guangqiu and Huang Shimo are both poverty-stricken households. The installation of street lamps has brought many benefits to their production and life." Tang Guanghua, director of Nanyang Village Committee, introduced a total of 114pcs solar powered led street light in Nanyang Village, benefiting the whole village 1220 Household villagers.


Use "light" to find ways to increase revenue

In Fangbei Village of Nanyang Town, Zhou Fang (a pseudonym), a poor household, found the way out of poverty by [light". Over the years, Zhou Fang`s family income has been low. His son`s illnesses require large treatment costs all the year round. His income depends on his husband`s factory income, and his family`s economy is struggling.

Yuqiao Village Square, which is not far from Fangbei Village, is the place where the Cauliflower Festival is held every year. It is usually idle. After the streetlights, the surrounding residents dance to the square in the square every day after dinner, squatting and enjoying the coolness. Zhou Fang smelled the business opportunity and set up a barbecue stall here at night. It was quickly welcomed by everyone and had a monthly income of around 3,000 yuan.

Whenever I went home late at night, Zhou Fang returned to the home of Fangbei Village from Yuqiao Village Square. Nearly 4 kilometers of the country road has the [care" of solar powered led street lights, which makes her and her family feel safe and secure.


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