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A monumental makeover with led downlight

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A monumental makeover with led downlight
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The Intercontinental and Crowne Plaza hotels are monuments of modern hospitality. However, inefficient lighting systems were resulting in high maintenance costs, along with excessive energy and heat generation. In addition, continuous failure of the façade lights was affecting the image of the hotel.


RYGH got to work on a lasting solution. But replacing the old cold cathode lights was no simple operation; the project involved multiple stakeholders, and the hotel lacked the manpower to manage the operation. To help the process along, RYGH put together a team of technical, design, finance and legal managers that could meet the needs of the hotel owners.


Next, we set about installing a luxurious lighting system. We replaced the interior fixtures with a range of LED, CFL‐I and Energy Saving halogen lamps, based on requirements for burning hours and light characteristics. As a result, the hotel interior now has a reliable system that enchants guests. The easily-controlled led downlights have optimized hues and brightness, ensuring the correct atmosphere in every environment, from the welcoming reception to the relaxing restaurant area.


Outside, the hotel facades were given stunning new looks. The addition of LED I‐Color Accent led tubes provides eye-catching lighting that improves the appearance of both buildings. The exterior lighting is virtually maintenance free, and is easily controlled via a Philips Light System Manager, which lets the hotel change the lighting effects for special occasions. The hotels now have reputation-enhancing appearances, improved guest experience, and greatly reduced energy costs.


The hotels have set a new benchmark for green lighting in the area. The upgraded systems will save almost 2,000,000 kg of CO2 emissions from being released each year. In addition, the new lights have reduced the hotel’s lighting energy bills by 80%.


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