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Buenos Aires: pioneering future-proof connected led street lighting

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Buenos Aires: pioneering future-proof connected led street lighting
Latest company news about Buenos Aires: pioneering future-proof connected led street lighting

Buenos Aires, the largest city in Argentina, is constantly striving to become more sustainable and more welcoming. The constantly growing population, however, means increasing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, resulting in increasing energy costs and light pollution levels. The city required quality led street lighting that would offer impeccable service in order to give its citizens a better place to live. To address these issues, Buenos Aires is implementing innovative solutions that are environmentally sustainable and cost-effective, and that can meet future demands of city life.


Public lighting, in particular, plays a key role in allowing cities to flourish. With the right lighting, a city is not only beautified, but is given character – an identity that is relatable to its citizens and visitors alike. Buenos Aires required a lighting solution that would not only provide high-quality LED street lighting and energy savings, but also one that would create a welcoming environment for its residents.


To reach its sustainability goals, the Buenos Aires government called for a new public lighting system to significantly decrease energy consumption and ensure the well-being and safety of citizens. To realize the full potential of sustainable public lighting, Buenos Aires mayor Mauricio Macri entered into a public-private partnership with RYGH Lighting. Buenos Aires now benefits from an intelligent, future-proof public lighting solution, combining energy-efficient LED luminaires with sophisticated lighting management from CityTouch.


Philips provides future-proof services by supporting adaptive applications, and has partnered with SAP to offer cities a 360-degree view of data using the SAP HANA platform. Cities are able to implement new applications while working with their existing infrastructures, giving them the opportunity to seamlessly implement new applications. With sophisticated lighting management from CityTouch integrated with the SAP HANA platform, street lighting managers can more efficiently control, plan, and manage lighting across the city. CityTouch enables monitoring, switching, and dimming of each light point in the network, optimizing energy consumption while creating safe conditions for both vehicles and pedestrians.



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