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Buy solar led street lights do not suffer, first understand these data

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Buy solar led street lights do not suffer, first understand these data

In the past, people had the saying that [to be rich, to build roads first", so now there are many roads in the city, and each road is better planned, then in the process of planning roads, road lighting The problem is definitely an unavoidable problem. Therefore, for street lamp installation, it also requires certain steps. The street lamp needs to be powered. Before installation, it needs to be routed. For some rural areas, the area is relatively wide, so In the wiring process is more complicated, but with the continuous advancement of technology, the continuous maturity of solar power technology, the combination of solar energy and led street lamp bases fundamentally solve the problem of installing street lamps in rural areas in rural areas, so solar led lights become In rural construction, the primary choice of lighting tools, then what data do you need to know before purchasing solar street lights? Today, Shenzhen Riyueguanghua Technology Co., Limited professional salesman will share with you the answer to this question.


1. Nature of the project (main roads, secondary roads, rural roads, township roads, communities, attractions, etc.)

2, according to the data, will choose the appropriate height of the street light pole, the length of the arm, the wattage of the light source, the spacing of the street light pole, under normal circumstances, if the solar street light is installed on one side, the height of the street light and the width of the road Consistently, the distance between the poles is about 4 times the height of the pole. Of course, the actual selection is also determined according to the actual situation.

3. When selecting a street light pole, the wall thickness and diameter are generally determined according to local climatic conditions and geological conditions. Different areas have different requirements for light poles.

4. Before purchasing solar street lamps, the more concerned issues are the actual hours of normal lighting and normal lighting. The solar street lamp manufacturers will calculate the appropriate solar panel power, solar battery capacity and controller parameters through these data. .

Before buying solar street lights, after knowing some data, solar street lamp manufacturers can configure reasonable solar street lights and cost-effective products. Making correct judgments is also giving full play to the lighting value of street lamps, providing more convenience for people who travel. For street lamps in rural roads, each village has different characteristics and is selected according to actual conditions.

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