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Changsha LED Street Light Station is on duty 24 hours to light up Star City in order to Celebrate National Day

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Changsha LED Street Light Station is on duty 24 hours to light up Star City in order to Celebrate National Day

On September 27th, the day of the National Day was getting closer and closer. As the guardian of the "eyes" of the Star City, the Changsha City led Street Lights has developed a detailed security and lighting plan, and went all out to light up the Star City to celebrate the National Day.

At present, the IP65 waterproof street led lamp has set up a national day warranty and security team on duty, implementing a 24-hour duty system to strengthen the handling of hidden dangers investigation, infrastructure management, safety hazard investigation and risk management, and effectively realize the idea, organization, and Precautionary measures are in place, emergency plans are in place, and all work on power conservation is done in a practical and detailed manner.

At the same time, vigorously carry out the rectification of the city appearance, adopt the "black + white" working mode to paint the road poles of Xianghuan Road and Xiangjiang Avenue, repair the Changyong Expressway street lights and Chinese knots, and strengthen the series of inspections and patrols of major roads and key sections. Work to improve the city lighting lighting rate, facility integrity rate, cleaning rate and power supply reliability. Perhaps the careful citizens have found that some of the buildings and roads in Changsha have been decorated with [Chinese knots". This is the result of the overtime work of the [Electric Lei Feng" of the street lights, creating a rich festive atmosphere for everyone.

Overcoming the difficulties of tight time, heavy tasks, and wide distribution of power sources, the street led lamp has also carried out 30 new construction work of lighting power, actively followed up the construction progress of the construction side lighting landscape lights, and formulated a detailed power transmission plan to accelerate the promotion. Power supply construction; condolences and help the Ouyang old man of the five-guarantee households in Xiangjiang Avenue of Tianxin District to solve the electrical equipment failure, let the Star City people feel the warmth of the big family of the motherland and enjoy the beautiful National Day feast this autumn.

During the National Day, all emergency repair teams and materials are in the "hot standby" state. The repair team and the repair vehicles are on standby 24 hours to ensure the efficient cooperation of the street led lamp repair service hotline and repair work and the rapid recovery of important places in case of emergency. powered by. The relevant person in charge said that the street led lamp will go all out to ensure the safe and stable operation of the led street lighting fixture equipment in the area with a highly responsible attitude.

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