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Comparison Between COB And SMD

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Comparison Between COB And SMD

Nowadays, in the field of LED lights, the integrated COB LED light has become the general trend. It's a New&High Technology.


COB VS SMD is a technical progress, the use of COB is always considered to be a standard form of LED lighting, and many kinds of High Power LED lights are commonly used.


At present, the latest COB LED light can change the colors to be RGB (Red, Green, Blue) etc, it`s the innovative products like led high bay light in the LED light market.


What is COB? (Chip on Board)


COB is short for chip on board; LED lights are later than SMD entering into the market. A chip on board LED is basically a led chip diode built directly on the circuit board. The chips are bonded directly into the PCB at the manufacturer. Without traditional LED packaging, components and assembly is avoided to max out the full potential of the LED chip.


Advantages of the COB :

(1). Low Lumen Depreciation

As COB`s heat dissipation path is shorter than SMD, and heat thermal resistance is smaller than SMD, therefore the COB`s rejection of heat is very good! Besides, the COB used the optical glass lens to make the light distribution, so the lumen depreciation is very low.


(2). No Color Difference

COB is surface luminescence, its light color is uniformly, no spot, that is to say the thermal conductivity of COB is uniformly. On the opposite, SMD has color shading.


(3). Simple Quality Control

COB has no soldered dot, there`s no need to patch the electric components on the PCB board, and no need to reflow soldering. It has simple assembly process, the QC process is very simple, the failure rate is almost zero.


(4). Small Volume & High Power

The COB can make the high power LED light, it`s up to 300 Watt.


Comparison between COBs and SMDs


A Chip On board (COB) LED light consists of a single LED chip, compared to an array of LED`s like an SMD. As the single cluster of LED`s are mounted in one point, they require greater cooling, so a larger heat sink, usually made of aluminium, must be mounted to dissipate the heat. As more material is required to manufacture a COB LED heat sink, this usually increases the cost slightly.


COB LED light can provide a better light source. It achieves a more focused light and with the use of reflectors, the light beam can be controlled. Chrome reflectors surrounding the diode can be replaced and set at different angles to make the light beam narrower or wider. Due to the narrow beam and with the use of reflectors that are usually clear, COB lights generate crisper and cleaner as there is no frosting on the lenses, which cuts down the clarity of the LED light. Due to the clear lenses, more light can penetrate further which means they perform well in rooms with high ceilings. COBs faces are exposed to show the one chip.


COB LED is a high powered chip which is the most recent development in LED lighting. Similarly to SMD chips, the COB LED has multiple diodes typically around 9 or more.COB chips are being used in an array of different devices, this is due to a high amount of lumens created for a very small amount of energy. All these factors are important to ensure a long lasting LED chip.


COB Leds are an integrated package. With less spacing between the LED chip, a much wider surface can be covered by the COB LED's light beam with less glare. CRI is increased due to the wider beam angle.


Although there are different forms of the COB chip, they can offer a much higher amount of lumen per watt.

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