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Design Solution: Energy-Efficient LED Drivers in LED Street Light Applications

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Design Solution: Energy-Efficient LED Drivers in LED Street Light Applications

With the continuous improvement of LED in almost every aspect of performance and cost, LED lighting is being used in an increasingly wide range of applications, among which LED Street Light Heatsink are a focus of the industry. As the premier supplier of high-performance silicon solutions for energy-efficient electronics, ON Semiconductor offers a broad range of drivers, regulators/stabilizers for all types of LED lighting applications, as well as communications, optical sensors, MOSFETs, rectifiers, and protection. Complete solutions such as filters and thermal management products. This article will introduce a 28 V, 3.3 A off-line high power factor LED driver design for applications such as Street Led Lamp. This design is based on ON Semiconductor's NCL30001 LED driver and NCS1002 constant voltage constant current controller. It is powered by 90 to 265 V AC, providing a maximum output power of 90 W, high power factor, and compliance with relevant harmonic content standards. And can be matched with pulse width modulation (PWM) dimming.

Single-segment topology LED driver + secondary CVCC controller combination

The NCL30001 is a single-segment topology LED driver solution with flexible features that are ideal for new LED lighting products. This off-line LED driver with single-stage integrated power factor correction (PFC) and isolated step-down AC-DC (AC-DC) power conversion eliminates the need for dedicated PFC boost sections, reducing component count and reducing solution costs. In conjunction with improving the total energy efficiency of LED power systems, it is used in applications such as Pc Cooler Led Street Light, low ceiling lights, exterior wall lights and building lighting.

The NCL30001 operates in continuous conduction mode (CCM), which integrates PFC and isolated DC-DC conversion circuitry and provides constant current to directly drive the LEDs. It is equivalent to integrating the AC-DC conversion with the LED driver two-part circuit, all located in the lighting fixture, eliminating the linear or DC-DC converter integrated in the LED strip. This monolithic solution has fewer power conversion segments, reduces component usage (such as optical components, LEDs, electronic components, and printed circuit boards), reduces system cost, and supports higher overall energy efficiency of LED power supplies. Of course, this solution has higher power density and may not be suitable for all area lighting applications. Its optical pattern may be more suitable for lower power LEDs. Typical applications include Cob Led Street Light, exterior wall lights, wall washers and refrigerator cabinets. Lighting, etc.

Other specifications of the NCL30001 controller include high voltage start-up circuitry, voltage feedforward for improved loop response, input undervoltage detection, internal overload timer, latch input, and high precision multipliers that reduce input line harmonics. ON Semiconductor also offers an isolated single-segment power factor correction LED driver evaluation board for applications requiring direct current output from 40 W to 100 W power range. The current can be adjusted from 0.7 A to 1.5 A for a wider range of high power, high brightness LEDs.

The NCS1002 is a secondary-side constant voltage constant current (CVCC) controller suitable for regional lighting applications such as New Led Street Light. With the NCL30001 controller, it can also design a high-efficiency, dimming-enabled LED driver demonstration board.

90 W demo board based on NCL30001 and NCS1002

To help engineers implement lighting designs as quickly as possible, ON Semiconductor also offers a 90 W constant voltage constant current demonstration board that accepts an extended universal input voltage of 90 to 265 Vac (supports 305 Vac for component replacement) from 0.7 A to 1.5 A constant current output range and constant output voltage range of 30 V to 55 V (selectable by resistor divider), maximum output power 90 W, support for 50 to 1,000 Hz dimming control, and optional connection to optional The 6-pin interface of the optical card for analog dimming applications such as current regulation / dual brightness level digital dimming.

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