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Development Background And Installation Method Of Solar Street Lamp

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Development Background And Installation Method Of Solar Street Lamp

Street lighting, although convenient for the public, but also very power consumption, can be used as a new solar energy for street lighting? At present, Jinan government is determined to upgrade the street lamp, the use of solar street lamps, began to eliminate traditional street lamps. This has not only complied with the development of the Times, but also fit the trend of low carbon energy saving. Low-carbon energy-saving highly advocated, lighting market in the low carbon economy driven by continuous innovation, scientific and technological content in the continuous progress. Energy-saving Product batch after batch of appearance.Solar Street Lamp
At present, Solar street lighting technology still needs to be perfected, but solar lighting will become a new trend. See these solar street lamp someone issued such an exclamation: "With solar street lamp, feel very energy-saving, do not know Jinan street lamp can also install solar energy?" "Solar street lamps inside are batteries, the light energy into electricity, although very environmentally friendly very energy-saving, but this battery has a certain life expectancy and expensive prices." And the current solar street lighting technology is not perfect, in the power source can not be used for the temporary use of solar street lamps, the city is now a large area of use of solar street light is not realistic. However, solar street lamps are certainly a new trend in future street lighting, with the development of cities will be greatly popularized. So it is not a bad thing to know about solar streetlights beforehand.Solar Street Lamp
On the installation and construction of solar street lamps to do a simple introduction, hope to help some of the initial solar street lighting installation and construction of friends! Construction is generally divided into two stages, that is, the laying of basic cage, street lamp assembly installation and hoisting. The foundation pouring part according to the construction drawing request excavation Lamp Foundation Pit, the choice of foundation pit position must ensure that there is no shelter on the top of the street lamp, put the basic embedded parts into the foundation pit, keep the embedded parts, the foundation and the ground at the same level, and then concrete pouring, after about 4 days, the concrete solidification, you can install the street lamp! Solar modules generally by the lamp rod, lamps, photovoltaic panels, controllers, batteries are composed of these parts, first of all to assemble the battery board and lamps, and then can be hoisted and wiring! Put down the lamp rod, the battery board installed on the photovoltaic Board bracket, correct and positive and negative, put the board aside, waiting for threading, install the lamp, wear line, check the lamp cap and battery plate fixed situation, no problem can be lifted! Slowly up the chandelier, avoid damage to photovoltaic panels and lamps, when the lamp rod hanging to the base, put down the lamp bar, adjust the position of the lamp, so that it is on the road, fixed flange can! Finally connected to the controller, the first battery, then the lamp, the last photovoltaic panel, according to the controller diagram of the wiring, the terminal should not be wrong, otherwise it will damage the controller. Debugging Good street lights, no problem can be sealed the door, so that the completion of a set of solar street lighting installation and construction!Solar Street Lamp

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