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Fashion with flair led downlignt

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Fashion with flair led downlignt
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MS Mode is an internationally recognized fashion store. Specializing in affordable clothing ranges for women, it has 420 locations in Europe, including 138 in the Netherlands. For its new branch in Leeuwarden, the company wanted its clothing to take center stage.


For a retail giant like MS Mode, perfect presentation is vital. “The color of a garment has to look the same to our customers in artificial led downlight as it does in daylight,” explains MS Mode’s Roel Borst. “What’s more, when fitting out our stores, we’re increasingly taking the sustainable nature of the lighting into account. We wanted a solution with optimum light quality and low-energy consumption.”


Working with lighting designer Lichtvormgevers, MS Mode found a lamp that was the perfect fit: the CDM-Tm Elite. “We were looking for a light source in which every color in the spectrum is represented,” states Borst. “Lichtvormgevers introduced us to the CDM-Tm Elite Mini 50W, which met this first requirement and also reduced our energy bills.” Lichtvormgevers installed the RYGH lamps in the store, maximizing their performance with a special air circulation system and a new reflector design.


The results of the installation dazzled everyone at MS Mode. Clothes in the store appear vibrant and attractive, just like they would in natural daylight. What’s more, the upgrade has created a pleasant shopping atmosphere that encourages customers to take their time when browsing the store. This is largely due to the optimized light spectrum of the CDM-Tm Elite. “We’ve achieved our goal of creating better color rendering,” says Roel Borst. “Our store in Leeuwarden is really a feast for the eyes.”


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