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How to choose the power supply according to the LED street lamp power?

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How to choose the power supply according to the LED street lamp power?

Science and technology are advancing, and every industry is constantly breaking through and innovating. For the advancement of LED technology, its progress has also carried out a new era for lighting. For LED, its light efficiency is high. Long service life, energy saving and environmental protection, no pollution. This technology has been applied to street lamps. LED street lamps have been widely promoted. When choosing LED street lamps, they cannot be the same as before, and the lights are matched with the power supply. Now it is necessary to pass it. Power to choose the power supply, but also combined with the actual configuration requirements, today, Shenzhen Riyueguanghua Technology Co., Limitedprofessional sales will introduce you to the skills of selecting power according to the power of led street lights.


1, led street light can choose constant current power supply, the calculation is to calculate according to the specification parameters of led, for different street lamp manufacturers, the lower the rf value of led current and voltage is as low as possible, generally 3.2-34v, current At 300-350mA.

2. According to the string relationship of led, the current is selected, and the constant current power supply voltage is automatically adjusted according to the number of led strings.

3, through the design, reduce the led lamp to increase the current.

4, stable long life, normal current or slightly smaller.

When selecting the LED street light power supply, it is purchased from a regular manufacturer. The power supply purchased in this way is excellent in terms of workmanship, materials and service life.

Now, in different engineering requirements, the required power is uncertain, so the choice of power supply is also uncertain, determine the wattage, and then choose the appropriate power supply, so that the street light can play its greater use value. When the Led street light is illuminated, it feels that there is no darkness in the world, and it is a bright light. For the city, at night, it can be said that the lights are bright. For the present rural area, it is a bright night at night. Because the current rural areas are equipped with led street lights. Traveling is convenient, there are more activities at night, and led street lights illuminate every dark corner.

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