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How to determine and construct the solar led street lamp foundation?-RYGH

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How to determine and construct the solar led street lamp foundation?-RYGH

The lamp head is a tool that provides us with illumination. For a street lamp, it is usually installed on the road to provide lighting for people, but it can not hinder people's travel. For solar led street lamps, its How to determine the location of the foundation, how is it installed and constructed, what are the skills? Today, Shenzhen Riyueguanghua Technology Co., Limited Sales Representative will introduces some questions about how to determine and construct the foundation of the lamp head. It is for your reference only.

1. Determine the position of the solar street lamp head. Scientifically select the foundation position and scientifically design the foundation of the lamp pole. When determining the position, it is required that the top of the solar street lamp head cannot have long trees and buildings and other objects that block the sunlight for a long time. There are no cables, pipes and other facilities under the pole position, and then the geological conditions are investigated, and the excavation depth and pouring size are determined according to the soil quality of the surface.


2. Excavate the foundation that meets the design requirements in the installation position of the solar lamp head, and also carry out the positioning and casting of the embedded parts. The embedded parts should be placed in the middle of the square pit, and one end of the PVC threading pipe stands in the middle of the embedded part. Exposed, the other end is exposed in the storage area of the battery, and the embedded part and foundation are required to be on the same horizontal surface as the original ground (the top of the live screw and the original ground are on a uniform horizontal surface). When pouring, pay attention to adjusting the direction of the cage according to the design requirements, and pouring. Use C20 concrete, use the vibrating rod to tamping during the pouring process, and protect the thread of the embedded part for protection (can be wrapped with paper or tape or put on the pvc tube.

3. After the construction is completed, the residual sludge on the positioning plate should be cleaned in time to check the impurities on the cleaning bolts;

4. During the process of solidification, the concrete should be watered and maintained regularly. Generally, the concrete can be completely solidified for more than 72 hours, so that the installation of the lamp head can be carried out, the foundation is opened, and the lamp head is installed stably to avoid the occurrence. Some security risks.
For the installation of solar led street lamp heads, the foundation is very important. This is a basis for ensuring the normal lighting of the lamp heads. Therefore, this link cannot be ignored, so professional personnel are required to install them during the installation process.

In the installation process of the lamp head, it is generally installed by professionals. When selecting the foundation to be installed, the position is a key factor. This involves the safety of the lamp head and cannot leave a safety hazard. Therefore, the foundation should be selected. Well, and the lamp head should be firmly installed. The above is the description of the ground position of the lamp head and the construction process introduced by Shenzhen Riyueguanghua. I hope everyone can make a reference.

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