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How to identify the quality of solar powered led street lights

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How to identify the quality of solar powered led street lights

How to identify the quality of solar powered led street lights

1: Compare brightness, lighting time. Brightness is difficult to define with the naked eye, and only the integrating sphere can accurately measure the light effect value. The naked eye generally compares the brightness.

2: Using a phase, the basic instability scheme can expose the problem in less than a month.

3: Disassemble the battery case and look at the battery. Determine if the capacity is up to standard. Filled with a charger, and then discharged with a large load, with time, discharge power, you can calculate whether the battery capacity is a specified indicator. Now all battery measurements are based on full venting, and the tester is not accurate.

4: Comparing the size of the solar panel, the basic size can also be used as a simple way to judge whether to steal the indicator. Or, against the solar energy, measuring the current and voltage, you can basically calculate the power.


The solar market is now mixed, true and false, real and false, how to buy the right solar led street light.

First, the composition of solar lamps

1. Solar panels are divided into single crystal silicon and polycrystalline silicon. The conversion rate of single crystal silicon is high, and the conversion rate of polysilicon is lower than that of single crystal silicon. But when it comes to power, 100w monocrystalline silicon and 100w polysilicon are a concept, but the volume of polysilicon will be larger.

2. The battery energy storage part is divided into two types: the traditional lead-acid gel maintenance-free battery and the lithium battery. (Inner Mongolia users recommend the use of lead-acid gel maintenance-free batteries). Lead-acid batteries, conventional batteries, life cycle is not as good as lithium batteries, and have memory, can not be 100% discharge, only 75% of the depth of discharge, is not recommended now.

Lithium battery is divided into lithium iron phosphate battery and ternary lithium battery. Lithium iron phosphate battery is also called power battery. It is generally used in electric vehicles. Lithium iron phosphate battery must be more expensive than ternary lithium battery. The use is the same.

How much is a set of solar led street lights? In fact, it is also a commonplace, there is no fixed price, the requirements are different, the price will be completely different. The price is between 700-3000 yuan. The specifics should be calculated according to the style, height, power, lighting time, continuous rainy days, and installation area. So the quotes you get are not the same. Maybe you will say that the configuration of others is the same as you, then I can tell you responsibly that even if the configuration of the annotations is the same, the brightness will definitely be different, and the craftsmanship of each manufacturer is different. This is the truth.


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