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If it is harmful when you choose Led street light?

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If it is harmful when you choose Led street light?

Whether in the corner of the city or in the construction of new countryside, the figure of led street lights can be seen everywhere, but for led street lamp heads, the practicality and price of its goods are generally proportional, but in the market. Among them, there are some led street lights that are cheaper. Can these street lights be purchased? Are they harmful? In fact, for many customers, there are still some doubts in my heart.


For the LED street lamp itself, it is composed of several core parts, among which the more important factor is the street lamp head. In the market, many street lamp heads compete for more price, some manufacturers have technical parameters and service life. , the warranty period, etc., are not very concerned, in the market, the price of the competition, ignoring the quality of the street lamp, the price is cheap, do not consider quality and safety? The answer is definitely no, because for a street lamp, the choice of good quality, and the selection of unqualified street lamp heads, the price is low, only temporary, because it has a higher probability of problems, the later repair process, the cost The money is more, so compared to it, it is not cost-effective. Therefore, in the process of purchasing street lamp heads, do not only pay attention to the immediate interests, but also look at the long-term.

In the street lamp head, the lamp bead, and the lamp housing, these are some factors that affect the performance of the street lamp head. Some manufacturers why the price is so low, there is only one reason, because the street lamp lamp lamp is used in the process of producing the lamp lamp head. The material is replaced by a poor quality material, but this consumer can't detect it, so don't just try to be cheap.
For the lamp housing of the lamp holder, the quality is good and the service life is up to 10 years. If the unqualified LED street lamp head is selected, the quality of the lamp housing is poor, and the service life of the entire street lamp is only 3 years. This gap seems to be a comparison. Big, so in the process of purchasing, we must pay attention to its quality problems.

For the manufacturers of street lamp holders, irresponsible businesses, in order to seek more profits, do not pay attention to quality, have adopted improper methods, for the formal Shenzhen Riyueguanghua, in fact, it is more stressful However, Shenzhen Riyueguanghua has always insisted on quality as the core, guaranteeing the quality of each product and providing users with quality service.

In the market of street lamp heads, there is relatively some confusion, but for consumers, in the process of purchasing, we must carefully choose carefully, learn more about some related product parameters, and learn more about the manufacturers of street lamp heads. . In this way, in the procurement process, the comparison, in order to buy a good quality and cost-effective led street lamp head at a lower price.

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