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Introduction To Lighting System Of Solar Garden Lamp

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Introduction To Lighting System Of Solar Garden Lamp

Solar street lighting system is usually composed of solar module, battery, light source, controller (AC light source and inverter). This paper is from: ① light source Selection, ② control circuit, ③ solar cell board Optimum DIP angle Determination, ④ solar module and storage capacity determination, and so on, the solar street lighting system in Zhuhai is designed and optimized.Solar Garden Lamp

Solar street lamps, unlike ordinary street lamps, use solar cells as the only source of power, because the cost of solar modules is still relatively high, so in order to reduce system costs, we must use efficient

Light source.Solar Garden Lamp

LED is a kind of semiconductor light-emitting device which can convert electric energy into visible light, the LED technology has already had the key breakthrough in recent years, its performance price ratio also has the big enhancement, compared with the traditional light source lamp light sources has the luminous efficiency high, is close to the incandescent lamp twice times, the life long, may reach The traditional power consumption of light source is relatively large, and most of them work under high pressure, and the use of Step-Up inverter reduces the energy utilization, and the LED adopts low voltage DC power supply, which is safe and low cost of light source control, which makes the adjustment of shading and frequent switch possible.Solar Garden Lamp

The choice of power devices is very important. Solar street lamps are used by the integrated operation of the voltage comparator as a control circuit, this circuit is entirely composed of hardware control system, simple and reliable, easy maintenance, low cost, the circuit itself is very low power consumption, is a good match circuit. Solar Garden Lamp

The key of this circuit is to design a good voltage difference for the charging and discharging characteristic of the battery, and the choice of the device should be reliable, plus the charge and discharge status indicating circuit of the light-emitting diode, it becomes a controller circuit with practical function, which has the function of preventing the battery from discharging and overcharge.Solar Garden Lamp

The system adopts direct coupling mode of charge and discharge controller circuit, according to the matching characteristics of LED and battery, can do power adaptive, in the solar irradiation for a few months, because the battery charging state is usually low, so that the battery discharge voltage is also low, so that the load working current is smaller, the power is small The system can also work longer hours. Conversely, when the sun irradiation is relatively sufficient, the load working current is larger, the power is big, also will be brighter.Solar Garden Lamp

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