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LED Intelligent Street Light

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LED Intelligent Street Light

Mainly by the constant current source circuit, clock timing circuit, display circuit, photosensitive induction circuit, infrared receiver circuit, sound and light alarm circuit and other components. can set the lights (LED) Turn off the lights time (with led12864 display related information). Street Light

Street lamp (LED) through the constant current source circuit normal operation, even if the short circuit, voltage instability and so on will not burn off, the circuit plays a constant current protection role. The system will automatically turn off and turn on when the environment changes, and according to traffic conditions on the road automatically adjust the light condition, and have timing function.Street Light

With the development of digital technology and network technology, the digitalization and networking of street lamps have become an inevitable trend. It has become a basic requirement for lighting system to save energy, ensure lamp life, improve the level of lighting management, beautify the city night and ensure the safety of city night travel. The continuous development of social civilization, the rapid expansion of urban scale, urban lighting has not only been limited to the road lighting, the society on the light rate, the accuracy of the switch lamp, fault detection of real-time and maintenance of the timeliness of the demand for energy-saving street lamps have been increasing.Street Light

The expansion of the city, the rapid increase in the number of street lights, artificial control methods in the fault real-time monitoring and processing, on-demand control, energy-saving and other aspects have become increasingly unsuitable for urban development. Therefore, the intelligent control and energy-saving measures taken by streetlights are very meaningful.Street Light

LED Intelligent Street Lamp control system to STC89C58RD single-chip microcomputer as the dominant control chip, can realize clock timing switch lamp, according to the ambient light and shade changes to achieve switching lights, according to traffic conditions automatically adjust the light condition, street lamp failure to implement sound and light alarm and a series of intelligent behavior.Street Light

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