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LED street light + vertical greening is a kind of experience?

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LED street light + vertical greening is a kind of experience?

Street lampposts on the streets of London have been transformed into pillars of greenery to promote biodiversity and purify the air.

It is reported that this is a test carried out on Ebury Street in Belgravia, London. The test plan is for six light poles on the street. The lamp post is transformed into a column containing a series of vegetation, the so-called "vertical greening".


The device mounted on the lamp post is called Smart Pillar and was developed by the Scotscape Group and the University of Greenwich.

It can be easily installed on existing lamp posts without damaging them, and can recycle water to reduce waste. High water retention fabrics are used to maximize the use of water. In addition, it is equipped with a self-powered irrigation system that is powered by solar panels embedded in the design.

Grosvenor Estates, a real estate company that manages the region, said that in addition to direct environmental benefits, there is growing evidence that integrating and strengthening greening in the built environment can reduce stress, blood pressure and heart rate, while contributing to mental health and happiness. sense.

The environmental impact of the lamppost will be monitored by Grosvenor's London Air Quality Network operated by King's College London and an air quality monitor.
Andrew Maskell, a UK and Ireland Grosvenor landscape management company, said: [Creating new green spaces in vibrant urban areas requires imagination and determination. We know that green intervention can have a huge positive impact on our environment and our well-being, we Nice to see this unique pilot."

Grosvenor is committed to achieving significant net biodiversity growth in its portfolio by 2030. Over the past five years, Grosvenor has invested in more than 240 biodiversity-specific projects on its London property projects, including green roofs, beehives, parks, habitat hotels, bats and bird boxes.

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