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Local solar street lamp manufacturer

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Local solar street lamp manufacturer

Solar energy generally refers to the radiant energy of sunlight, which is generally used for power generation in modern times. Solar power generation is a new kind of renewable energy. In a broad sense, solar energy is also the source of many energies on the earth, such as wind energy, chemical energy, water potential energy and so on. Now the solar energy is also gradually being applied, such as the solar street lamp in the middle of the road, solar water heater and so on, which we see in our daily life, and the new type of solar people are also gradually using the field of cars. Therefore, the selection of low-power devices and circuit design are very important. Solar street lamp is a voltage comparator, which is a control circuit composed of integrated operational amplifier


In more developed cities, we can see all kinds of street lamps, including wind powered street lamps and solar powered street lamps. In the situation of global resource shortage, solar energy is undoubtedly the endless resources that all mankind dream of. Now, the solar energy era is actually near, including collecting solar energy in space, transmitting it to the earth, and turning it into electricity, To solve the energy crisis facing mankind. The following is mainly about the introduction of common poles used to support solar street lamps:


The solar street lamp is usually made of steel tapered pole, which is characterized by beautiful, durable, solid, easy to be made into various shapes, simple processing technology and high mechanical strength. The section shapes of commonly used tapered lamp poles are round and hexagon, and some also use octagon. The taper is mostly 1:90, 1:100, and the wall thickness is generally 3-5mm according to the stress of the lamp pole. Galvanizing shall be carried out according to the standard


The working environment of solar street lamp is outdoor, so the requirements for supporting the lamp pole are good. It is necessary to prevent the rust corrosion of the lamp pole and reduce the structural strength, so it is necessary to carry out anti-corrosion treatment for the lamp pole. The method of anti-corrosion is mainly to take some preventive measures against the causes of corrosion. To prevent corrosion, it is necessary to avoid or slow down the influence of humidity, oxidation, high temperature, chloride and other factors. The common methods are as follows:

. Industrial Zone route: it is usually two lanes; motor vehicle, non motor vehicle and pedestrian mixed traffic. During rush hour, motor vehicle transportation and pedestrian debate are tense, and the speed is slow. The lighting of non business time needs to consider the quiet needs of pedestrians.


1. Plastic spraying treatment: after hot-dip galvanizing, plastic spraying treatment shall be carried out. The plastic spraying powder shall be outdoor special powder, and the coating shall be free of peeling and cracking. Spray plastic treatment can be used for high corrosion resistance of steel pole, beautiful decoration of large headlight pole and various colors. There will be no damage within level 12 wind


2. Hot dip galvanizing: the process and method of forming zinc and zinc iron alloy coating on the surface of the pre-treated parts immersed in molten zinc solution. The thickness of zinc layer is 65-90um. The zinc layer of galvanized parts shall be uniform, smooth, prickly, dripping and redundant caking. The zinc layer shall be firmly combined with the steel rod, and the zinc layer shall not be peeled or raised. It is not necessary to mine and transport


In addition, the solar street lamp manufacturer introduces that since the controller and other electrical parts (some batteries are also installed in the lamp pole) are installed in the solar street lamp pole, it is necessary to pay attention to the waterproof and anti-theft performance of the lamp pole, so as to prevent the electrical failure caused by rainwater entering the lamp pole; the maintenance door can be opened without using conventional tools (such as hexagon socket bolts, pliers, etc.), so as to prevent artificial or damage.

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