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Purchase misunderstanding when choose Solar led street lamp head

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Purchase misunderstanding when choose Solar led street lamp head

In the construction of new countryside, solar led street lamp heads are favored by everyone because of its environmental advantages. For the street lamp industry, the country is not perfect in terms of standards. For solar street lamp manufacturers, The level is uneven, all kinds of advertising, for consumers, it is also easy to be misled by these gimmicks, blindly pursuing high brightness, styling, low price, but neglecting the core focus of the lamp head products, Quality and cost performance, today Shenzhen Xiaoyue Guanghua Technology Co., Ltd. Xiaobian will introduce some misunderstandings about the choice of solar led street lamp heads, for your reference only.


1, the actual service life and data nominal differences

Generally speaking, the nominal life of led can reach 100,000 hours. If there is no fault time, it will be longer. However, for solar street lamp head system, its service life is determined by its components, mainly solar panels, batteries and controllers. , the lamp pole, the light source, etc., wherein the life of the solar panel is about 25 years, the life of the battery is 3 to 5 years, and the life of the solar street lamp controller is 2 to 5 years, and the parts must be determined when purchasing. The configuration, in order to fully play the value of the LED street lamp.

2, the price determines the product

For the LED solar street lamp head, in most cases, its price will reflect the combination of cost, quality and brand value, which is closely related to the configuration. For some low-cost street lamp products, in some kind There is no way to guarantee the quality of it. For the performance of the good lamp head products in the configuration, it is certainly relatively high, so for the price of the street lamp, it can only be used as a reference, not the decisive factor.

3, in different places, there are different lighting standards, blind pursuit of high brightness, can be said to be a waste, but also a certain amount of damage to the human body, so to determine the lighting needs to choose the street lamp head that meets their needs.


4, solar street lamp head nominal power and power

Now the solar street lamp head can be intelligently controlled. The power can be automatically adjusted according to the requirements at different stages. The power and rated power are different.

The above misunderstandings are the mistakes of most people in the purchase process. After the introduction, I hope to give you a reference, so when choosing, don't walk into the misunderstanding, so as not to buy at a high price. Low-performance products will not pay off. With the continuous advancement of technology, the lamp heads are constantly upgrading. The LED lamp heads are environmentally friendly and energy-saving. They are liked by everyone, but the head lamps with good quality are the products that people prefer.

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