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Shining Street led lamps warms people's heart

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Shining Street led lamps warms people's heart

As night falls, the lanterns are released. Walking in the main street of Cuiping Street and Lushan Road in Pingyin County, the newly installed LED energy-saving street lamps on both sides of the road are dazzling, and the shining lights will make the roads beautiful and beautiful, and outline the most beautiful lines of the city. The citizens compete to take pictures and send friends. This is a gratifying result of the county`s self-developed theme education, which has been heard by the people and actively rectified the problem of [the streetlights are not bright and difficult to travel".


"Because the aging of the street lamps and the low brightness, not only is it inconvenient to travel at night, but also provides some unscrupulous opportunities for the lawless elements. There are great security risks." Wang Daye, a resident of the neighborhood near Jinlong Road, told the reporter. In this topical education solicitation, this issue has been reflected by the masses. The county party committee heard the news and immediately included it in the first batch of rectification accounts, focusing on tackling the problem. The County Housing and Construction Bureau quickly carried out comprehensive rectification, and 15 major roads including Wenchengshan Road, Wuling Road, Lushan Road, Huanghe Road, Qinglong Road, Yingbin Avenue, Jinlong Road, Cuiping Street, Dongguan Street and Huxi Street. The street lamps were replaced and upgraded, and some old street lamp facilities with potential safety hazards were replaced, management and maintenance were strengthened, and problems were found to be dealt with in a timely manner. At the same time, the street branches around the street lights are centrally trimmed to ensure the safe travel of the people.


It is worth mentioning that, unlike the 250W high-pressure sodium lamps installed in the past, in response to the national energy-saving emission reduction call, this year's newly installed street lamps use 120W energy-saving LED lamps. Kong Xue, deputy director of the county project quality and safety production supervision station, told reporters that LED lighting is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly lighting. Compared with ordinary lamp holders, it has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption, long use time and good color rendering. At the same time, the newly replaced LED luminaire has a timing dimming device, the brightness is 100% before 12 o'clock in the evening; the brightness is 70% from 12 o'clock in the evening to 4 o'clock in the morning; the brightness is reduced to 50% from 4 o'clock in the morning to dawn. At present, the street lights of the five main roads of Cuiping Street, Jinlong Road, Huanghe Road, Lushan Road and Wenbishan Road have all been replaced. Six road lights, including Wuling Road and Qinglong Road, were completed before the National Day. The four roads of Zhenxing Street, Hanshan Road, Yingbin Road and Binhe Road are scheduled to close before October 10.


Lighted up the street lights and warmed the hearts of the people. The "small streetlights" map out the "big people's livelihood" concept of the county's housing and construction bureau, and it is also the epitome of the bureau's in-depth implementation of the theme education of "keeping the heart, taking the mission, finding the gap, and implementing it." "This is the 'people's heart lamp' for the government to do practical things for the people. Everyone goes out for a walk at night, sings and dances in the park, and it is safer and more convenient to pick up and drop off students in the morning and evening." The small street lights not only illuminate the people in Pingyin. The road to travel also lighted their new life and warmed their hearts.

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