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Six Aspects Of LED Street Light Considerations At The Time Of Purchase

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Six Aspects Of LED Street Light Considerations At The Time Of Purchase

LED Street Light needs to be lit every day, and the lighting time is relatively long. If the quality is not enough, it will not meet the needs of residents. The post-management maintenance of street lamps is also a big task. If the price is too expensive, the budget is not enough, no profit can be earned, I believe that the engineering company is not willing to pick up, but it is too cheap, and afraid of the quality is not reliable, how to recover the amount of engineering in the later period? The most important thing is that it also affects reputation, so LED Street Light Supplier requires its lighting rate to be one of the key indicators. Then LED Street Light manufacturers should seize the following key links when the street lights are first purchased.

1. Pay attention to the service life of LED Street Light. Long life: LED street light radiator is extruded, the power box is made of environmentally friendly die-cast aluminum, and the power box and lamp body are fixed by the keel. Maintain a certain distance between the heat sink, the heat sink and the power supply box, and have a large contact area with the air, and form a good convection with the surrounding air, so that the heat dissipation efficiency is higher, and the long-term continuous operation, the temperature of the light source base does not exceed 60 degrees Celsius. .

2. Pay attention to the LED chip used in LED street light: LED street light uses a single high-power LED1W as the light source, using a unique module light source design.

3. Pay attention to the brightness of LED street lamps: use imported high-brightness semiconductor wafers with high thermal conductivity, low light decay, pure light color, no ghosting, etc.; overall illuminance, uniform brightness.

4. Pay attention to the warranty time of LED street light: three years warranty. There are also value-added services, LED street lights are guaranteed for three years, and after three years of returning to the after-sales service, as long as you pay back 70% of the price of the product, you can provide similar new products for you, and keep it for another three years! The most important thing is that the price is still very affordable.

5. Pay attention to the light color of LED street light: good color rendering, more realistic representation of the actual color, can meet the needs of different environments, eliminate the depressed mood caused by the high or low color temperature of traditional lamps, make the visual comfort .

6. With constant current start, led street light manufacturers have fast response speed, no need to preheat, and start quickly.

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