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Solar led street lights are used in rural areas, and the results are unexpected.

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Solar led street lights are used in rural areas, and the results are unexpected.

In the current beautiful rural construction, solar street lamps are widely used. In fact, there are certain reasons behind it. For farmers, his economic income is limited. If you use the city circuit lights, you need to pay an extra electricity bill every year. It is also not very cost-effective. If you choose solar led street light, it uses solar light and then converts it into electric energy. It does not cost electricity. It is also cost-effective for the economy. If you install the city circuit light, you need to occupy the farmland. Installation requires excavation channels, which will occupy a certain amount of land. For solar street lamps, it only needs the size of the battery. It does not require additional floor space and saves a certain amount of manpower and material resources. For solar street lamps, the lighting effect in rural areas is also good. It is also worthy of investment and use in new rural construction. Today, Shenzhen Riyueguanghua Technology Co., Limited professional salesman will gives you an analysis of the advantages of rural solar street lights.


1, more intuitive results, if you use 60w led street light, it uses the electricity bill generated in one year, is 25% of the annual cost of ordinary 250w high-pressure sodium lamp street lamp, saving a lot in cost, for solar street lights, It is not necessary to pay extra electricity. It is also an ideal product to reduce consumption.

2, the cost of laying, for the city circuit lights, it needs to excavation channels, laying pipelines, for solar street lights, do not need such trouble, in a certain installation cost, it saves a lot.

3, lighting brightness contrast, 60W solar street light and 250w high-pressure sodium lamp illuminance can be comparable, reduce the use of power, led street light use power reduction, can be combined with solar energy, solar led street lights to meet people's needs.

4, the use of temperature comparison, compared to the ordinary city circuit lights, led street lights in the process of use, will not produce high temperatures, there will be no blackening or blackening lampshade phenomenon. In the later maintenance, it is easier.
5, safety performance, the market common cold cathode lamp, electrodeless lamp, are through high-voltage electrode lighting, led solar street lamp is a safe low-voltage product, in the process of use, the safety hazard problem is relatively low.

6, good environmental performance, for solar street lights, this lamp does not contain harmful metals, the spectrum is pure, the light emitted does not contain infrared and ultraviolet light, does not produce light pollution, does not cause any harm to the human body, is very good Green lighting products.

7, long service life, compared to traditional street lamps, solar led street lights have a longer service life, in a certain sense, is a cost-saving performance.

Therefore, for solar led street lights, the advantages of using in rural areas are also very many, the benefits can be imagined, Hebei Changyuan Lighting specializing in the production of led street light heads, product quality and after-sales service is guaranteed.

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