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Solar Photovoltaic Technology Representative - Solar LED Street Light

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Solar Photovoltaic Technology Representative - Solar LED Street Light

With the increasing poverty of the Earth`s resources, the investment costs of basic energy are increasing, and various safety and pollution risks are ubiquitous. Solar energy is an [inexhaustible, inexhaustible" source of safe, environmentally friendly new energy. The more attention is paid to it. At the same time, with the development and progress of solar photovoltaic technology, solar lighting products in the dual advantages of environmental protection and energy conservation, solar street lights, garden lights, lawn lamps and other aspects of the application has gradually formed the scale, solar power in the field of street lighting has been gradually improved the development .

The LED lamp is energy-saving and has high luminous efficiency, and the unit W can generate luminous flux of 80 lm or more. Good color rendering, pure white light, all visible light. In addition, the most important point is that it can be driven by direct current. This is especially important for solar energy. Since the electricity generated by solar energy is also direct current, the cost and energy consumption of the inverter can be saved. The solar LED street lamp uses sunlight as its energy source and is used during the daytime to charge at night. It does not need complex and expensive pipeline laying, and can adjust the layout of the lamp arbitrarily. It is safe, energy-saving and pollution-free. It does not require manual operation and is stable and reliable, saving electricity costs and maintenance-free.
The system consists of solar LED street light mainly by the solar cell module (including the bracket), LED lamp, control box (with controller, battery) and the lamp pole constitutes several parts; solar panel light efficiency reaches 127Wp/m2, high efficiency, The wind resistance design of the system is very beneficial; LED lamp head light source uses a single high-power LED (30W-100W) as a light source, using a unique multi-chip integrated single module light source design, selection of imported high-brightness chips.
The control box body is made of stainless steel and is beautiful and durable. The maintenance-free lead-acid battery and charge and discharge controller are placed in the control box. This system chooses valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries. Because of its low maintenance, it is also called [maintenance-free battery", which is beneficial to the reduction of system maintenance costs; the charge-discharge controller is designed with both functions (with light Control, time control, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection and reverse connection protection, etc.) and cost control, achieving a very high cost performance.

Future trends
In 2010, the global adoption of solar LED street lighting was 4.4 million baht, and the penetration rate was increased to more than 2%. The original high pressure sodium lamp consumes 250 watts per watt, so the total power consumption is 150,000 kilowatts. After being converted into solar LED street lights, not only will these electric energy be saved, but also a considerable amount of solar energy can be emitted. Assuming that a solar LED street light requires only 100 watts per turn, the required solar panel is about 4 times the power, that is, 400 watts; 600,000 luxes will require 240,000 KW of solar panels, which is far beyond the current solar cells. The total amount of board.
At present, the solar lighting market accounts for less than 20% of the market for outdoor lighting. After 2008, the market share of solar lighting in the field of outdoor lighting reaches more than 10%, and it is expected to reach about 20% after five years. Solar lighting is currently the most environmentally friendly, most energy-efficient, most easily promoted new lamps, the market prospect is self-evident, the prospects of solar LED street lights is infinitely broad.
Solar energy as a kind of "inexhaustible, inexhaustible" green environmental protection new energy, has obvious advantages in the application of solar lighting. At present, solar LED street lamps are installed in most urban squares, streets, residential areas, and large buildings, adding a charm to modern city life. Urban lighting is not only an enjoyment and appreciation, but also a kind of cultural precipitation and history. Solar LED street lights to better create a city night scene, icing on the city's image!

Issues needing attention in the development process
1. The mass production of LEDs with a luminous efficacy of less than 90lm/W for road lighting means huge investment risks and a long period of return on investment. Everyone has dreamed that the [contract energy management model" has not been successful in China.
2. The conventionally designed LED street lights below 150W are difficult to use in city road lighting in two-way and four-lane roads, and it is difficult to meet the hard targets in China's urban road lighting standards. The heat dissipation problem will always be the core of troubled LED street lamps. Optical design will be even more difficult to solve. SMEs investing too much effort to develop their own will have to pay a high price.
3. It is more sensible to choose the LED standard module below 5W as the light source of the landscape type street lamp, and the cost will be reduced a lot. The 30-60W LED module will be used as the below 150W city walkway lamp as its standardization degree becomes higher and higher. Can replace the HID light source; original Park has a mature solution for the forward-looking vision, determined to develop the LED road lighting industry companies can be directly introduced.
4. The advantages of LED lighting must be used in street lighting design, such as good directionality, small size, and easy realization of stepless dimming, etc. Any LED street light products that ignore the glare of road lamps and the convenience of maintenance will encounter the street lights. "Relentless boycott."
5, LED street light is not easy to promote the use of a large area in the short term, not only the cost is too high, LED lights first to meet the functional needs of road lighting, and then also to meet the overall landscape planning requirements of urban road lighting, Any one-sided development will probably be "returning without success."

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