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Solar powered led street light advantages

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Solar powered led street light advantages

In the current selection of urban or rural led street light projects, the use of solar led street lights is increasing. Among the types of led street lights, the choice of Led burners is almost standard.

Under the concept that the country pays more and more attention to green mountains and green mountains and energy conservation and environmental protection, solar led street led lamps have become the target of street led lamp projects in recent years due to their environmental friendliness and more energy-saving characteristics. Solar led street led lamps also choose led lamp heads. Because the led lamp head is more energy-efficient and has a longer service life, it is also rapidly popularized.


Here is a brief introduction to the advantages of LED solar powered led street lights and led street lights.

Compared with the traditional city circuit lights, the solar led street lamps do not need to dig the buried wires. The traditional city circuit lights need to set up the spider wire general line, while the solar led street lamp led street lamps can use the solar panels to generate electricity, and the battery storage energy stores the electricity. Furthermore, it is transported to the led lamp head to make the lamp head work, so the construction is simpler and the electricity is safer. The long-term use can save costs compared with the city circuit lamp.

The led street lamp of the solar led street lamp is more bright. For example, the 30W led lamp head has higher illumination than the 100W traditional high-pressure sodium lamp. The human eye will feel the led lamp head has stronger luminous intensity, and the led lamp hair shines more. Comfortable, the human eye will be more comfortable with this light environment.

The service life of led street lamp heads is much longer. The length of use of led lamp heads can generally last for about 8 years. Even most LED lamp heads can have a life span of more than 10 years. This is the premise that solar led street lights can work normally. under

The traditional led street lamp heads have a great light decay. Under the influence of severe weather such as long-lasting wind, sun, rain and snow, it is very good to be able to work normally for five years.

The long service life of the led lamp head can reduce the maintenance cost in the later stage, because the labor cost is very high now, and if the lamp head is broken, the cost of the labor cost and the cost of the lamp cap are also quite high.

Usually, the traditional city circuit lights are exposed to lightning and thunderstorms. If there is a drop in the wiring, it is very prone to human electric shock. In this kind of bad thunderstorm, people standing under the led street lights are prone to electric shock. Occasionally, There will also be fires, so it is very unsafe and the probability of hidden dangers is relatively high.

The safety factor of Riyueguanghua solar led street lamp led street light is relatively high, because the solar street led lamp operating power is relatively low, the voltage is generally at 12V/24V, it is a very safe power environment, and there is no safety threat to people.

In general, the advantages of Riyueguanghua solar led street light led street light are still very obvious, solar powered street light is a good product, led street light is also a good product, the combination of the two is a street led lamp product with comprehensive advantages, is the first choice for the current street led lamp project.
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