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Standard For Street Light

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Standard For Street Light

Height determines the field of vision, so choose a good height, it determines the lighting field of light. 1, lamp installation height, the same street lamp installation height must be consistent (luminous center to ground height). Small bend lamp A meters lamp 5-6 meters ordinary street long arm lights and chandeliers 6.5-7.5 meters fast lane arc type light is not less than 8 meters slow lanes arc type light is not less than 6.5 meters 2, special lamp type according to the design requirements installed, the height of the lamp is equivalent to the width of the lighting road. Only on the side of the lighting when the h≌l on both sides of the H≌L/2, H: Lamp installation Height (m) L: Road width (m)Street Light

Lamps and Lanterns Part 1, lamps should be firmly upright, decline has loosened, skew phenomenon. 2. The lampshade should be intact and undamaged without breaking. 3, enamel umbrella rust, deformed person should be replaced. 4, lamp reflector surface failure, should be replaced. 5, the lamp reflector in the transportation, the installation process should not be damaged or deformed, the lampshade should be added aprons, wipe the bright, the lamp mouth is the porcelain broken exposed copper, should be replaced. 6, lamps, lamp body can not bend, each part of fixed screws need to add spring eyeliner tight, decline to loosen. 7, cast iron lamp cap has crack, drop block can not use, no rubber unqualified. 8, the lamp body holds the hoop to be suitable for the pole, the installment service post should not be too long. 9, the lamp body's transparent cover and the mirror should be cleaned and wiped clean, the scene cannot clean should be replaced. 10, transparent cover of the ring should be fully used to prevent the use of a reliable hook. 11, lamp dust felt to complete, uneven to repair. 12, lamp tuo and the tube flange must be matched to have cracks have scars, screws to complete, bolt length should be able to penetrate the lamp tuo flange. 13, a lamp suitable for different specifications of the bulb, the lamp should be fixed to adjust to the same position as the bulb capacity, to obtain the best distribution curve. 14, all kinds of iron parts without serious corrosion or cracks, scars and other cases of patent paint off rust should be removed rust painting or galvanized. 15. The lamp holder of the closed luminaire shall be protected with heat-resisting insulating pipe (asbestos tube or porcelain tube).Street Light

Lamp elevation 1, lamp elevation street width and lamp light distribution curve to determine the elevation of each street should be consistent. 2. When the lamp holder is adjustable, the center line of the light source shall fall within the L/3-1/2 range of the width of the road. 3, to the long arm lamp (or arm lamp) lamp body after installing, the lamp holder side should lift 100 millimeters than the pole side. 4, special lamps should be based on the light distribution curve to determine the elevation of lamps.Street Light

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