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The Controller Application Of Street Light

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The Controller Application Of Street Light

Street lamp controller is widely used in municipal roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, gardens, docks, sightseeing lights, sports squares, playgrounds, advertising light boxes and other public lighting environment; lamp type: High pressure sodium lamps, low pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, high-pressure mercury lamps, fluorescent lamps and other gas discharge type lighting lamps.Street Light

At home and abroad road lighting with high-pressure sodium lamp as the main light source, and accounted for more than 98% of the total street lights. Other light source for the metal halide lamp, ceramic metal halide lamp, LED lights, fluorescent lamps and so on. Now the domestic use of high-pressure sodium lamp has 140 million, and each year with sodium light source of new lamps growth of millions of to 10 million, the annual growth of other lamps between tens of thousands of to hundreds of thousands of.Street Light

The high-pressure sodium lamp works is the arc discharge state, the Volt-Ann characteristic curve is the negative slope, namely the bulb current rises, but the bulb voltage drops. Under the condition of constant power supply, in order to keep the bulb working stably, a circuit element with a positive resistance characteristic must be connected in the circuit to balance the negative resistance characteristic and stabilize the working current, which is called a ballast or a current limiter. At present, with high-pressure sodium lamp supporting the use of ballast more than 99% for inductance ballast, other electronic ballast.Street Light

The situation of the lamp with inductance ballast work is: the lamp work power of the electric ballast work is changed with the input voltage change. Inductance ballast manufacturers are generally based on: input 220V ballast to work at rated power. Lower 220V working power automatically. The working power is automatically raised above 220V. High-pressure sodium lamps vary with input voltage in general (see table 1). From the above table we know that the input voltage increases from 220V to 10V and the working power is about to increase. Hazard when voltage is higher than 220V Street Light

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