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The flood traffic light will "speak"

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The flood traffic light will "speak"

"The red light is on, please stop the pedestrian, don't smash the red light..." On the morning of October 17, the Sihong citizens who waited for the green light at the crossroads of the Garden Gate were pleasantly surprised to discover the secret.

[Is all the traffic lights in the city suddenly talking all night?" Cao Dianjun, who is working in an agency, is very curious.

With questions, the reporter rushed to the crossroads of the main roads in the city and found all the traffic lights at the main traffic roads in the urban area of Sihong County, all of which could "talk".

"To tell the truth, sometimes the red light is inadvertently caused. For example, riding a bicycle and coming to the traffic road, it is habitually passed. If someone prompts, most people will not insist on the past." Waiting Wang Jun, a citizen of the green light, said.

Zhao Aijun, political commissar of the Public Security Bureau of Sihong County, said that it is a very difficult matter to evade pedestrians and vehicles. In order to do this work well, the police traffic police department has tried their best. In the past few years, we recruited a lot of young people from the society to help the traffic police on duty. However, due to low wages, it is difficult to retain people. Not long after, the police officers were ineffective. Traffic lights are set at more than 30 traffic lanes in the urban area. If these crossings all rely on the traffic police on duty, it is unrealistic because of our limited police force. In order to alleviate the contradiction of insufficient police force, on holidays, students from Sihong Middle School, Huaibei Middle School and No. 4 Middle School are invited to take the streets to assist the traffic police on duty. In August of this year, we hired 60 elderly people to serve as volunteer traffic controllers.

Despite this, the pedestrian red light phenomenon is still not optimistic. In order to solve these problems and strengthen the traffic safety management of urban light-controlled intersections, since October, the traffic police patrol brigade of Sihong County Public Security Bureau has conducted investigations on urban light control intersections for many times, investing more than 200,000 yuan, and researching crosswalk lights with scientific research units. Voice prompt software system. "We and the research institutes jointly developed the voice prompting software for traffic lights. The industry was forced out by the actual situation..." Yang Zhongyun, the captain of the Sihong County Traffic Patrol Team.

On the afternoon of October 17, the reporter came to the crossroads near the Times Supermarket in Sihong City, and felt the traffic lights "speak".

The reporter just stood on the side of the zebra crossing, and the red light on the crosswalk suddenly lit up. At this time, the sound came from the air in front: "The red light is on, please stop the pedestrian, don't smash the red light." The reporter looked up for a long time, only to find that on the fixed shelf of the traffic light, there is a rectangular horn, which is integrated with the traffic lights, even the color is the same, it is difficult to be discovered, the sound is transmitted from there. "Through the control platform, when the traffic lights are on, different voices are prompted respectively." The traffic police who are on duty near the scene told reporters.

"Fantastic..." "Funny..." Just waiting for the green light's pedestrians to praise, the system automatically played Beethoven's "To Alice" famous songs, the music is melodious and warm, almost let the pedestrians intoxicated. "In the past, I was anxious to wait, and today I feel different. I haven't enjoyed it yet. The green light is on..." Pedestrians have been talking.

After 40 seconds, the green light is on. "The green light is on, please pass the pedestrian quickly, pay attention to safety, I wish you a safe journey." The prompt is then passed to the ear.

Yang Zhongyun said that due to financial restrictions, at present, the traffic lights in Sihong City will be [speaking" as the first step in intelligent management, just reminding pedestrians to abide by traffic regulations. In the next step, we will actively raise funds to set up sensing devices near the zebra. As long as pedestrians are smashing red lights, not only will they be reminded by broadcast, but the camera equipment installed near the broadcast will automatically take photos and save them automatically. If necessary, the information of the person who ignited the red light will be exposed to expose the pedestrians of the red light. At present, the technical conditions have matured.
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