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The History Of Street Light

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The History Of Street Light

Street lamps, refers to the road to provide lighting function lamps, refers to traffic lighting in the range of road lighting. The Xu of the words "the memory of the fragments": "Pedestrians are scarce, and the streetlights are dim." "

The history of human being is a history of the pursuit of light, and the use of fire is an important milestone in the progress of human civilization. The bonfire lit by ancient ancestors was the first light. In 1843, the first street lamp appeared on the streets of Shanghai, China, even though it was ignited by kerosene, it was more sacred than moonlight in people's minds. Huangpu River side crowds crowd dedicated to a glimpse of style. Later, the street lamp of Shanghai concession changed to gas lamp. Was transplanted from London, the brightness of several times higher than the kerosene lamp, in the eyes of night pedestrians, is simply the night of the "sun." Until 1879, Shanghai 16 Pu Wharf finally lit up China's first light, equipped with a 10-horsepower internal combustion engine power generation unit, equivalent to a tractor power.Street Light

At the beginning of the road lamp on each pole to install a knife switch, still need to open the workers every day closed. 3 years later, the use of a number of street lamps to share a switch, this form of street lamps in all cities throughout the country until the the 1950s.Street Light

The United Kingdom: the human attempt to carry out artificial lighting in urban streets began in early 15th century. In 1417, London's mayor Henry Barton issued an order to light the lights outdoors in order to brighten the dark winter night in London. His initiative was later supported by the French. At the beginning of 16th century, lighting fixtures must be installed outside the windows of the Parisian residential house. Louis 14 o'clock, there were many streetlights on the streets of Paris. 1667, known as the "Sun King" Road XIV also officially promulgated the City Road lighting decree. It is rumored that the reign of Louis 14 was called the "Age of Light" in French history because of the promulgation of this Decree.Street Light

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