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Traditional Street lights change to LED street lights

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Traditional Street lights change to LED street lights

The government promoted the "sunset plan" for street lights. Of the total of 203,000 street lights in Taichung City, 121,000 were replaced with LED lights. DPP members Zhang Yuzheng and Xie Zhizhong said that in addition to updating LED street lights, the city government should also introduce private resources to make street lights smart. Taichung, the construction director of Taichung City, said that the city government will set up 5 million yuan for a feasibility study next year.

Zhang Yuchen said that the central government promoted the mercury street lamp sunset plan and Taichung City sought subsidies. So far, 121,000 street lamps have been replaced with LED street lamps. However, there are still 70,000 to 80,000 street lamps that have not been replaced. The brightness of LED lamps is high, but traditional street lamps It's darker. Some roads are led with LED lights on one side and traditional street lights on the other.

Xie Zhizhong said that after the replacement of old street lights with LED street lights, considerable electricity costs were saved. It is suggested that the city government further introduce the PFI private financing proposal system and introduce private resources. Traditional street lights can be removed and smart street lights can be promoted without increasing the city's financial expenditure.

Members said that the new replacement of LED street lighting has a 5-year warranty, but from 104 to date, the maintenance budget of street lights has been similar. Theoretically, the more LED street lights are replaced, the greater the number of manufacturers' warranty, and the maintenance costs paid by the municipal government should follow The decline requires the municipal government to thoroughly investigate the expenditures.

According to the Construction Bureau, at present, more than 110 million yuan of street led lights are allocated each year. In addition to the maintenance of street lights, it also includes the costs of sporadic additions, maintenance and relocation of street lights. In the past year, more than 70 million commissioned public offices. The plan will also return to the headquarters.

Mr. Chen said that of the more than 200,000 street lights in the city, 120,000 have been converted to LED street lights, which can save more than 80 million yuan in electricity costs each year. The city government will fight for central funding. If it is completely replaced, it will save hundreds of millions of yuan Electricity charges.


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