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What kind of battery does a Solar Led Street Light use?

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What kind of battery does a Solar Led Street Light use?

Lithium batteries are small and lightweight, making them easy to transport. Compared with lead-acid gel batteries for solar street lights of the same power, the weight is about one-third and the volume is about one-third. Therefore, transportation is easier, and transportation costs naturally decrease. Lithium batteries have high energy density and long life. Energy density refers to the amount of energy stored in a certain space or mass unit. The greater the energy density of a battery, the more power it can store per unit weight or volume. There are many factors affecting the life of lithium batteries, among which energy density is one of the most important internal factors.


Lithium batteries are used for led solar street lights to facilitate the installation of traditional solar street lights, a battery pit needs to be reserved, and the battery is sealed in the basement. The installation of lithium Solar Led Street Light is more convenient. The lithium battery can be directly mounted on the bracket, using a hanging type or a built-in type. Lithium-ion solar street lights are easy to maintain. Lithium-ion Solar Led Street Lamp only need to remove the battery from the utility pole or battery board during maintenance. Compared with lithium solar street lights produced by lithium battery spot welding machines, traditional solar street lights require more trouble to dig underground batteries for maintenance.

I believe everyone is familiar with batteries and knows that it needs to be able to store electrical energy. The same is true of batteries for Solar Parking Lot Lights in lithium battery assembly equipment, which is also used to store electricity and provide lighting. Its types are generally lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, and nickel-metal hydride batteries. However, in street lighting, colloidal lead-acid batteries are often used. It can meet the premise of night lighting, store the energy generated by solar energy during the day, and store energy to meet the lighting needs of continuous rainy night lighting.

For the capacity of the battery, if it is too small, it cannot meet the needs of night lighting. If the battery capacity is too large, the battery will be in a power-off state, which will affect the battery's service life, will also cause some waste, and increase unnecessary costs. 18650 lithium battery is not a simple whole, it needs to match solar photovoltaic panels and load power. In this way, it can make full use of its functions and provide the storage function of electrical energy.

For solar street lights, some of its components, each one is very important, so we must pay attention to it. For the battery of solar street light, it is the basis to guarantee the lighting, so it must be selected and used correctly.


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